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In all homes across the Clarendon Hills area, residents rely on a functional plumbing system for freshwater and for waste removal. When the plumbing system is not functioning properly, these important services may not be available to residents. At Allan E Power Plumbing, our reputable and well-trained plumbers understand that you need to keep your plumbing system in great condition.

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When do you need sewer repair services?

When your property’s sewer line becomes damaged, you may be dealing with a sewage backup or waste seeping into your yard. These are problematic issues that can result in property damage, health issues with you and your family, and possible damage to your yard or surrounding property.

As a result, you should contact our professional plumbing team at Allan E Power Plumbing Heating & Cooling at the first sign of a sewage issue. Generally, this is when you notice that waste is not being removed properly, sewer backup, or when you smell sewage waste.

What are some common water heater issues?

Water heaters are a true necessity in a home that most homeowners do not want to live without. They provide you with heated water for everything from bathing to cooking and cleaning. While these are durable units that are designed to provide reliable service to you, they can develop issues. Common issues include:

  • The heater’s inability to heat water or to keep up with the demands of the home
  • Colored or smelly water
  • Water leaks and gas leaks
  • Strange noises from the tank
  • High energy costs

We can address all of these issues for you with speed and professionalism. Through our expert solutions, you can rest assured that your home is equipped with hot water when you need it.

What are some common causes for clogged drains?

Clogged drains can be a bothersome nuisance for homeowners, and they also can result in the inability to use sinks, tubs, and showers in some cases. More than that, severe clogs can result in water damage to the home. Clogs are generally caused by a large item washing down the drain or by the accumulation of smaller matter in the pipe.

For example, grease, hair, food particles, and other smaller items may form a clog. Clogs generally must be removed by pulling them out or by snaking through them until they are broken up until small enough pieces to pass through the pipe. Our plumbing experts can assist you with your clog removal and ensure that the flow of water is restored to your home in no time!

Thinking of installing a flood control system in your home?

Floods are not common in local homes, but they can and do happen. Everything from plumbing leaks to heavy rains can result in the accumulation of water inside the home. A flood control system can be installed to decrease the likelihood of a flood and to remove some of the water from a flood.

These are systems that ultimately can prevent you from enduring the expense and turmoil related to property flooding. Our experts can inspect your home and determine the best flood control system for your home. We will then help you choose a system and install it for you in no time!

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