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Cooling Systems Repair & Installation Services in Brookfield, IL

Chicago summers can be mild, or hot and humid. On those steamy days, a reliable cooling system in your home or office can make the difference between a miserable day and a productive day, especially when you’re sleeping at night or spending time at home with your family during the weekend. Whether you need fan repair, evaporative cooler installation, or air conditioning service, we’ve got you covered for comfort, day or night. Let Home Heating and Cooling be your go-to for comprehensive air conditioning services, whether you need a yearly cleaning or service maintenance, or 24-hour emergency repair.

Should I replace my cooling system or Air Conditioner (A/C)?

If your A/C is blowing cold air, but not dropping to your desired temperature, you might need air conditioning servicing. Air conditioners recondition the air that is already in your home or office, removing heat and humidity before sending cooler air back into the indoor space. The cycle or cooling system may not be working correctly if you feel cold air but are not reaching your ideal temperature or comfort level.

Cooling or A/C Repair

There are many reasons why you might need air condition service or repair. If you do not schedule annual maintenance, your air conditioning system is older, an electrical short occurs, or air filters aren’t replaced regularly, your cooling system may break down. If your air conditioner needs many repairs or is not working as efficiently as possible, we may recommend a new A/C installation.

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