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Heat Pump Repair & Installation Services Brookfield, ILMany of our clients have found that heat pumps are a great option for saving money on their energy bills. This variation of heating uses much less energy but heats just as effectively as a traditional furnace. This can be a great addition to the HVAC system in your home and provide you with proper heating whenever you need it most. If you are thinking of installing a system in your home, give our experts a call.

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How do heat pumps work?

Heat pumps work on one basic principle: heat transfer. They collect heat from a given area and pump it into another area. In this way, a heat pump can both heat and cool a space when the pump is reversed. For example, one side of the pump may collect heat from the ground or from the outside air.

This heat is then pushed inside the home to heat it. Conversely, to cool a room, the heat is sucked out of the indoor air and pumped outside. This allows you to heat and cool your home with one unit, making it a great investment for all homeowners.

What are benefits of these units?

Heat pumps have four main benefits:

  • Energy savings
  • Even heating and cooling
  • Dependable functionality
  • Better dehumidifying

The heat from a heat pump is less intense than the heat from a traditional furnace, but the entire home is heated evenly. Ground-source heat pumps are the best dehumidifying type of heating because they have larger return coils.

What are energy efficient features of heat pumps?

Heat pumps are often identified as a good way to save money because they use less energy. A heat pump does not use energy to burn and create heat but rather takes existing heat and moves it from one space to another. Energy efficiency is the most talked-about feature of HVAC systems and other household appliances.

People living in areas with mild temperatures benefit most from this energy efficiency; places that get too hot or too cold require the heat pump to work extra hard to function and do not ultimately save much energy. Our experts can provide you with more energy efficiency information when you call us for services.

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