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The health benefits of having a water filtration system in your home


La Grange PlumberHave you considered installing a whole house water filtration system in your home? Are you weighing the pros and cons? One of the main benefits to having a whole house water filtration system in your home is your health. Do you actually know what you are drinking when you take a glass of water from the tap? Water filtration has many different health benefits that once you make the switch, your health will continually reap the benefits.

Tap Water

Most tap water features moderate to high levels of pollution throughout it and is then treated with unnatural chemicals, so people can consume the water. Water can be exposed to many different threats before we drink it including acid rain, storm water runoff, pesticides, debris from sceptic systems, and more. There can even be harmful pathogens and bacteria in water! Below are some of the top harmful items found in tap water that can be affecting your family’s health:

  • Mercury
  • Bacteria
  • Pesticides
  • Lead
  • Arsenic
  • Gasoline
  • Degreasers
  • And more!

La Grange Water Filtration SystemWho would want to drink this or have their family drink that type of water? No one in your family should be interacting with water like this, much less consuming it. Water filtration systems throughout your house ensure that you and your family are coming into with clean water, free of these type of contaminants. Water filtration can also improve the quality of taste, quality, and appearance of your household water.

Health Benefits from Water Filtration System

There are many different health benefits to drinking filtered water from a home water filtration system. Filtered water drinkers are less likely to develop certain forms of cancer like colon, rectal, and bladder cancer which has been linked to the high levels of chlorine found in tap water. Drinking water from filters also has been proven to reduce gastrointestinal disease by more than 33 percent by removing substances like giardia from drinking water. Drinking pure water can also aide in a healthy immune systems, especially for children. Water filtration systems provide this by taking out the harmful substances but keeping the rich minerals. Water filters offer a line of protection from over 2100 toxins which can be found in drinking tap water. Who wouldn’t want to protect themselves by simply filtering their water?

Filtering water has many health benefits. Water filtration systems protect people from harmful toxins, improve immune systems, reduce forms of cancer, and gastrointestinal disease. Water filtration systems can help protect you and your family.

Looking to install a whole house water filtration system in your La Grange home? Call Allan E Power Plumbing Heating Cooling at [phone]  and start enjoying the benefits of healthier and cleaner water today!


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