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When the water going down a drain starts to slow, many homeowners simply ignore the problem until it gets worse. Others may use a commercially available clog-clearing product to speed up draining. However, persistently slow drains are a sign of a more serious issue that may require professional drain cleaning services. Our experts can provide you with efficient and professional solutions to restore the flow of water to your home in no time. See what some of our happy customers have to say here, and call us today!

What causes drain clogs?

Although drain clogs can be caused by a variety of substances, there are some that are more common than others. These include:

  • Hair– Hair is at the top of the list as the most common reason for drain clogs. Those with long hair have more problems than those with short hair, as it gets trapped in shower drains. Eventually there is enough hair to clog the system completely.
  • Paper– While toilet paper can cause clogs, it typically is not the major culprit. Paper clogs are caused when homeowners flush paper towels, facial tissues, and baby wipes down the drain. Similarly, excess amounts of toilet paper can also cause clogs over time.
  • Food– Tiny food particles from washing dishes or rinsing food plates in the sink can lead to clogged pipes later. Garbage disposals can also result in clogs if homeowners do not run them long enough to properly grind up food waste. In addition, fats and grease can eventually result in pipe damage and clogging.

While there are many other causes for drain clogging, such as invasive roots, these are the most common. Our experts can provide you with efficient drain cleaning solutions to restore the flow of water to your home in no time.

What are signs that this issue is affecting your home?

The first symptom of a clog is slow draining in tubs and sinks. This can cause standing water in your shower or tub if not treated. Another symptom of a clogged drain is foul odors coming from the drains throughout your home.

Other signs of a clogged drain include gurgling noises in your plumbing, low water pressure, and water leaks resulting from cracks in the plumbing. When you notice that there is a clog in your system, get professional solutions quickly to avoid serious issues from ever occurring.

Professional solutions in La Grange

Our plumbers can remove the clog using methods that are effective and that won’t damage the plumbing pipes. Depending on the extent of the clog, the cleaning may involve a hand-held auger, a longer wire threaded into the pipe, or a water jet that shoots pressure into the pipe.

Homeowners who are particularly susceptible to clogs should consider having the drain professionally cleaned once per year. During routine cleaning, our technicians will wash the drain to remove any gunk that has built up on the inside of it.

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