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At Allan E Power Plumbing we know all the different things which can cause fixture, faucet, or sink damage and wear. When these damages have occurred, our experts have been able to solve the issues for our clients. No matter how serious or complex, we can solve it in no time! See what some of our past customers have to say about our services here, and call us today!

How can hard water affect the quality of your faucet?

Hard water refers to staining and buildup on your faucet from mineral filled water. This will generally occur as a result of water that is not thoroughly treated for minerals such as calcium. Over time these stains will become a serious eyesore in your home.

Additionally, when hard water gets severe enough, water won’t run through it preventing it from working at all. When this happens, our experts can provide you with replacement services to restore the flow of water to your home once and for all.

When is it necessary to replace your faucet?

Faucets should be replaced in any situation where rust is present in or on the faucet. The simple truth is that by the time that rust begins to form on the faucet in any location, a substantial amount of wear has occurred and the most efficient fix is to replace, rather than to repair.

Faucets which are leaking may or may not be replaced depending on the specific cause of the repair. Our plumbing professionals can make that call best on a case-by-case basis. We can also help you choose a new faucet for your home that is within your budget and style.

What about your faucet?

The same that we discussed in terms of replacing a faucet also applies to the sink. If the sink basin has begun to rust, or if there is rust visible on the edges where the sink is set into the counter or otherwise on its pedestal, it’s high time to replace it. However, there are other indicators that it is time to replace the sink.

For one, if the sink is loose in its setting, it should be replaced in order to avoid moisture getting in the space opened up when the sink moves back and forth in its setting. This moisture can lead to the growth of mold, which can be a major detriment to your health.

What are three easy tips to avoid leaks in the future?

  • Have your water pressure tested regularly in order to make sure it is up to code. A high water pressure can cause leaks, plain and simple.
  • Have your water supply lines checked regularly. Leaks can often occur when old water supply lines become clogged or corroded.
  • Call Allan E Power Plumbing. We know plumbing inside and out, and can help you prevent all sorts of water leakage problems throughout your home.

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