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Flood Control Systems in Brookfield, IL

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Flooding can be a serious problem for your home not only because of water damage, but also because of sewer back-up that may flow into your home. Basement flooding may be caused by a broken sump pump, problems with the sewer line, or an inadequate sump pit. Additionally, you could experience flooding when there is a natural disaster, and the city sewer lines start to back up. Whatever the cause, it’s important to have a professional deal with the problem and install a flood control system.

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What are flood control systems?

There are several different ways flooding in the home can be controlled. Each home will require unique solutions to the different types of flooding that are possible. We can evaluate your flooding problems and recommend a system that is right for your property. Some of the most common solutions are:

  • Sump pump installation – the first defense against basement flooding, a sump pump, directs excess ground water away from you home to a nearby waste water system. If the electricity goes out, sump pumps are not enough to stop flooding, and a backup flood control system is needed. There are several back-up systems that may be required such as a battery run sump pump and an ejector pump for solid waste.
  • Trenchless sewer relining – for flooding from sewer back-up, this method results in relining your existing sewer pipes with a tube of epoxy resin that coats the inside of the existing pipe. When it dries, it is stronger, impervious to roots and will last longer than the pipe did. This is a good option because the landscaping, walkways, deck, or patios are not disturbed. This method costs less than excavation, and it has a longer life expectancy. This is useful for older homes and buildings, but is only for a certain type of flooding.
  • Flood control systems – there are several manufactured flood control systems that have warranties for parts and labor. They use heavy duty pumps with several check valves that allow water to drain away from your home to the main city sewer line while preventing any city sewage or water backing up into your home. The pipe-guards only open when water is flowing away from your house and will not open if water is flowing from the sewer towards your house. These systems work even during the most intense rain.

When should you install one of these systems in your home?

If the possibility of flooding is in your future, don’t wait until the sewage is in your basement, or your home is damaged with water. We can examine your plumbing and give you recommendations for flood control as well as a free quote for our services. We can work with your budget and needs to protect your home against even the most serious flood risks.

Why choose our experts?

At Allan E Power Plumbing  we provide plumbing services for residential, industrial, and commercial properties. Our aim is for customer satisfaction, and we’ll help solve your flooding problems at a price you can afford. Additionally, we stand behind our work, so should you have any issues, you can trust that our experts will fix it for you once and for all.

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