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The garbage disposal is a fantastic kitchen tool to prevent clogged sinks and drains. It also keeps the smell of rotting food out of your clean kitchen. At Allan E Power Plumbing, we install and repair garbage disposals in La Grange and the surrounding areas. Our extensive training in garbage disposals makes us experts in whatever kitchen plumbing needs you may have. See what some of our past customers have to say here, and call us today!

What are common problems with garbage disposals?

All appliances experience problems with wear and tear over the years. Garbage disposals are no exception. They tend to jam if inappropriate items like silverware or tough food particles enter the system. Even if the disposal is able to eat these items up, it creates even more problems.

Leaks, noise, and clogs are all common issues that can occur in your garbage disposals. These issues can all arise from a jam if left unfixed. Metal and hard plastics are especially bad for the garbage disposal and can even cause the motor to burn out. In some instances, garbage disposals seem to suddenly quit working. No matter what the issue may be, our experts can handle it quickly and efficiently.

What are signs you need repairs?

  • Jams
  • Clogs
  • Leaks
  • Strange noises
  • Bad odors

All of these symptoms are signs that you need professional repair solutions. Garbage disposal repairs are best handled by professionals for safety reasons. We have the training to safely handle garbage disposals without harm to ourselves or to you.

Why should you get professional installation services?

When repairs and maintenance simply don’t do the trick anymore, purchasing a new unit is also a great alternative. Our experts can help you with all your installation needs. We can provide a recommendation based on your home’s needs for the type of disposal that is right for you.

We also work with all makes and models to replace any old or failing garbage disposals. No garbage disposal task is ever too big or complex for our expert technicians to handle.

Professional Services

We at Allan E Power Plumbing offer services in a professional and attentive manner. All of our technicians are trained and certified in the field to provide the highest quality of service. Through our expert garbage disposal services, we can ensure that your system is always working at all times.

Is your garbage disposal making noise but failing to spin the blades? Call 708-352-1670 and get industry leading La Grange garbage disposal services today!

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