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Plumbing can last for centuries, but there always comes a time when that pipe that’s been delivering water to your home finally meets its end. In some instances the piping system in your home is so old, that it requires a complete replacement. This service is called repiping, and it’s an intricate task best left to our professional plumbing contractors at Allan E Power Plumbing Heating & Cooling.

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What types of pipes are available for your repiping project?

During a repiping, the system may be fitted with several types of piping. That’s because some types of pipes are better for the drain, waste, or vent system, and others are best for bringing fresh water into the house. The most common piping materials include:

  • Copper: Copper is a valued metal for plumbing pipes. It can be rigid or soft. For repiping projects, plumbers often use soft copper tubing. This is especially true if local plumbing codes won’t allow other types of plumbing. Soft copper piping is used for fresh water, while rigid copper can be used for both fresh water lines and waste lines.
  • CPVC: This is chlorinated polyvinyl chloride. It’s a somewhat flexible pipe that’s used indoors. It’s easy to work with and isn’t affected by acidic water. Unlike copper, it doesn’t dissolve over time and develop pinholes, though it will crack more readily during a hard freeze. CPVC can be used for fresh water lines and waste lines.
  • PEX : PEX is extruded polyethylene and has taken over for conventional piping, which had a tendency to spring leaks. PEX is flexible, can withstand freezes, and can be used for many purposes in the plumbing system, including outdoor use and radiant heating systems. It’s also easy to work with due to push-on fittings and crimp bands.

While these are not the only piping options available, they are the most common. Our experts can help you choose a piping material that will fit your needs and your budget.

When do you need this service?

A building can need repiping if:

  • Plumbing needs constant repairs
  • System is suffering from rust and scale
  • Serious water leaks
  • Invasive roots
  • Fluctuating temperatures and water pressure

If this sounds like your plumbing system, give our experts a call. We will provide you with our expert solutions to get you a new plumbing system in no time!

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