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Leaks in your home are bad, but they can be much worse depending on where the leak occurs. One of the worst places to have a leak in your home is beneath the home’s concrete slabs. At Allan E Power Plumbing our experienced professionals deal with dozens of slab leaks. We can guarantee your satisfaction 100% and stand behind all of our slab leak repairs. See what some of our past customers are saying here, and call us today!

What Is a Slab Leak?

Slab leaks are some of the most serious types of leaks that occur when a pipe is leaking beneath the foundations of your home. These leaks can happen in any of the piping, and generally, result in significant damages to your home. There are various causes for this issue, which makes if very difficult to prevent. If they do occur, however, our staff is here to help. Our experts can find them for you and provide you with expert slab leak repairs in no time!

What Causes These Leaks?

  • Corrosion: The pipes under your home are surrounded by soil, and as the pipe makes contact with the soil and water runs through the pipe, the pipe begins to corrode. For homes that have copper piping, corrosion is the most common cause of slab leaks. Copper piping corrodes very quickly, especially when moisture is involved.
  • Abrasion: When water runs through the pipe, the pipe can become dented and damaged as it touches gravel, concrete, and other pipes. Eventually, the abrasion can cause the pipe to leak. Additionally, abrasion can occur in various areas of pipe at the same time, making it a very serious situation to be in.
  • Excess Pressure: While your plumbing system is designed to put up with pressure, in some instances this pressure can be too strong. Pressure is an especially common cause in areas that have earthquakes or that have bad construction, which shifts around the plumbing. This will eventually cause a strain on your piping and damage it all together.
  • Invasive Roots: For plants, trees, and shrubs with very deep roots, these problems pose a risk for the plumbing beneath your home. In their search for water, these plants can push into your piping, eventually causing leaks and faults, which can damage your slab and home.

What Are Four Signs That You Have a Slab Leak?

Being aware of what causes a slab leak can help you take preventive repercussions should one occur. These common signs include:

  • Running water sound
  • Water damage to walls, floors, and roofing
  • Extremely high water bills
  • Cracks on your baseboards and walls
  • Warm spots on the floor

If any of these symptoms sound like something occurring in your home, give our experts a call. We provide comprehensive detection and repair solutions for all slab leaks in your home. At Allan E Power Plumbing our professionals have long time experience in slab leak repairs. Feel free to contact us today, and we will happily send out a technician to get the issue resolved in a timely manner.

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