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Trenchless Sewer Repair Services in Brookfield, IL

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Sewer line issues can be a very challenging issue for any homeowner to face on their own. Not only can they cause damage and discomfort to the interior of your home, but some damage to the outside as well. At Allan E Power Plumbing, we can make that misconception a thing of the past through the use of our expert trenchless sewer repair.

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How are trenchless sewer repairs performed?

With trenchless sewer repair, a few small access points are dug in the ground to get to the pipe. If there is a burst pipe, the pipe is blown apart and a new pipe is put in. When the pipe just requires relining, a fiberglass line is put inside the pipe to seal the damage.

When the work is complete, the access points are covered again. This service is performed on a smaller scale and requires less excavation and damage to the exterior of your home. Our experts can perform these services in your home when you need it most!

What are benefits of these services?

Trenchless sewer repairs can not only solve your problems but also create various benefits in your home. These major benefits include:

  • No excavation: Unlike other sewer repairs which require the excavation the yard and areas around your home, trenchless sewer repairs provide you with the same repair solutions without causing any discomfort to your home.
  • Long lasting repairs: Through the use of these services, the repairs performed on your piping is long lasting. Our technicians will find the true source of the problem and repair it with materials that are tough enough to handle your sewage issues.
  • Improve plumbing functionality: Once our service technicians perform the necessary repairs you will enjoy improved functionality in your plumbing. This includes improved water flow and also increased water pressure.

When would you need this service?

You might need trenchless sewer repair if your sewer line has experienced a break or a leak. Sewer lines become clogged or damaged in a number of ways; the most common problem is tree roots breaking in. These roots constantly seek water and cannot resist the moisture offered inside the sewer line. Ground shifting, extreme temperatures, and deterioration all also contribute damage to the sewer line.

If you suspect that there is a sewer line issue in your home, give our experts a call. We will provide you with our industry leading trenchless sewer repairs, and remedy your plumbing issues in no time. We are highly skilled and trained to ensure that we get the job done right the first time.

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