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Our plumbers at Allan E Power Plumbing have years of experience with water filtration repair and water filtration installation. Whether your home has clean water or not, one can never be certain. Fortunately, water filters can remove all manner of contaminants, toxins, and pathogens. If you would like to install one in your home, see our reviews here, and give our experts a call today!

What are the benefits of water filtration systems?

First and foremost, water filtration systems remove contaminants from water that have the potential to make the members of a household sick. Even if the contaminants that are filtered aren’t necessarily unhealthy, they can make water look, smell, and taste bad.

Minerals like calcium and magnesium can cause scale to accumulate on the inside of pipes and fixtures. This scale shortens their service lives, makes hair and clothes dull, and puts scum on shower stalls and bathtubs that’s near impossible to clean.

Thus, water filtration systems support health, extend the working lives of fixtures and appliances, guarantee crystal clear, good-tasting drinking water, and remove scum and dinginess.

If you would like to experience these benefits, contact our office for water filtration installation today!

What are the different types of systems available?

  • Carbon filters remove contaminants by trapping them in activated charcoal while allowing the cleaned water to pass through. These filters are good for removing copper, iron, lead, manganese, mercury, and pesticides.
  • A reverse osmosis system is probably the most versatile type of water filter since it can remove many kinds of pollutants from the water. It uses membranes to trap pollutants like uranium, nitrates, and nitrites, heavy metals, radium, pesticides, and arsenic. One drawback with reverse osmosis is that it has a reputation for wasting lots of water.
  • A water softener removes hard minerals from the water. The fresh water is washed through a tank full of resin beads in a saline solution. There, the ions of calcium and magnesium are exchanged for ions of sodium.
  • Deionization works much the same way as water softening, but the water is run through a tank where hydrogen ions are exchanged for cations and hydroxyl ions are exchanged for anions. This allows them to remove more pollutants than a water softener.

What are signs you need these units?

A homeowner can tell that his or her water needs filtering if it has a bad odor or a bad taste or is cloudy or discolored. Water that has too much iron will leave stains on kitchen and bath fixtures and will stain clothes. Water that smells like rotten eggs are contaminated with hydrogen sulfide.

Any home or business owner in Brookfield and the surrounding areas who has these problems should get in touch with our experts today. We will provide you with efficient system installations that will not only improve the quality of your drinking water but also keep within your budget.

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