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As the plumbing systems in your home age, you can become more susceptible to many common plumbing issues. From clogged drains, to burst pipes, having a designated Summit plumber is critical to resolving these issues quickly and efficiently. At Allan E Power Plumbing we have the expertise and skills to solve all your issues in no time! See what some of our past customers have to say here, and call us today!

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What are some common sewer repair issues?

Sewers and drains can work in tandem to remove waste and grey water from the home. Heavy rainstorms or high use of local sewer systems can cause clogged drains or backups. There are a few red flags we recommend checking out to determine sewer repairs:

  • Toilets and shower drains backing up simultaneously – Water backing up into the shower after the flush of a toilet is a sure-fire sign that there is a potential sewer clog.
  • Overflowing toilet from using the washing machine – Toilet lines and washer drain lines often drain into the same waste stack. If the toilet begins to flow after the rinse cycle, it’s a sign that there is sewer trouble.
  • Standing water – Standing water is usually one of two signs. It can either mean the home is at a low elevation or sewer pipe leaks. If we find that there is water around the sewer pipe entrance to the home, there may be a chance of a busted sewer pipe. A sewer blockage can result in an overflowing toilet and standing water in basements without a backwater valve.

Clogged drains should not be fixed with abrasive drain cleaners. They can often damage pipes and leach into the groundwater. Our plumbers can provide you with efficient Summit sewer repairs, and get your lines back i working order today!

What are the benefits of replacing the fixtures in your home?

Replacing fixtures such as a faucet or sink can greatly improve the efficiency of appliances and prevent future flooding. Old fixtures may have cracked joints or valves that allow water to drip. The newer fixtures can save on energy bills and reduce mildew in the home through a slow migration of water behind the fixture.

Similarly, newer fixtures can add value to the home and also help modernize the various rooms throughout your home. Call us today to have your home inspected, and let our experts suggest the best fixtures for you today!

Does your home need a flood control system?

A flood control system can eliminate standing water and excess water backing into the foundation when used externally. Internally, they prevent sewers from backing up into the home. One of the most common applications is a check valve with a backwater valve in the basement floor that drains to prevent sewer water from flooding in heavy rains.

There are other options available when working with Allan E Power Plumbing. Call us to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians all allow us to suggest the best unit for your home and budget.

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